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     I am an artist at heart from Delaware, who has spent her academic career following other pursuits, from dairy cow nutrition to cancer biology to seafloor microbiology.  Those pursuits took me all over the world and I had many amazing adventures. 


     For a while, my home away from home was Melbourne, Australia, where I studied in the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne.   I left academic research to pursue a career as a science teacher.  I piece of my heart in Australia, but I found a new passion for educating the next generation of scientists and stoking their curiosity and concern for our planet.   


I moved to the Washington, DC area with my family coped with the isolation of the pandemic by rekindling my relationship with my paint brushes, violin, and ice skates.   I now live in Delaware, near the beaches.  I continue to do art in acrylic, gouache, ink, and water-miscible oil that is inspired by nature and some of the places I love most: 

Russia, Australia, the South Pacific, and the Mid-Atlantic coast.  

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